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Visual Deterrent


DOB - 01-05-2020


Reggie is a very well bred example of the breed and turns heads where ever he goes. Reggie would be an ideal match for a family looking for a best friend and great all rounder. He is great with other dogs and loves to play with his ball. He can be a true part of every day family life while offering the peace of mind that can only come with a trained dog by your side at all times. Reggie is perfect for a family that want the visual deterrent aspect of a fully trained Rottweiler but prefer to have a dog that is not trained to take physical action, instead warning off any threat with controlled aggression.


To discuss Reggie, or any of our other available dogs please call the office on 02382 500155.


Breed - Rottweiler

Sex - Male

Coat Colour - Black/Tan

Coat Length - Short 

Imported - Yes

Passported - Yes

KC / FCI Registered - Yes

Entire / Neutered - Entire

Role - Visual Deterrent 

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