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Family Protection

German Shepherd Male

DOB - 06-05-2020

WhatsApp Image 2021-08-10 at 07.01.002.jpg

Indie is a lovely young male German Shepherd. He is the ideal candidate for an active family looking for a true all rounder. Indie can be your children's best play mate as well a fantastic visual deterrent. As Indie has progressed through his training, we have found that he is a lover not a fighter, our policy is never put a dog down a path that it is unhappy going down and as such he is offered at a reduced price as a fully trained visual deterrent, not a full protection dog. Perfect for a family looking for a fully trained dog that looks every bit the part and would put off most threats by pure visuals but in the knowledge that he wouldn't be backing his bark up with force.

Contact us today to discuss Indie or of course any other prospects we have available in more detail


Breed - German Shepherd

Sex - Male

Coat Colour - Sable

Coat Length - Short 

Imported - Yes

Passported - Yes

KC / FCI Registered - No

Entire / Neutered - Entire

Role - Personal / Family Protection

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