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Personal/Family Protection

Dutch Shepherd Male

DOB - 2 Years Old

Dutchie is a Dutch Shepherd, although not as commonly seen as the Belgian and German Shepherds, who work as hard as necessary to ensure its family is safe and sound. With the ability to be around, and even handled, by children, he is soft and only wants to please. With his excellent temperament, he is the ideal candidate for those looking for a confident protection dog with a very loving side. He fits a busy family household well and will quickly become everyone's best friend and loyal protector.


Dutchie comes with the following attributes: 

  • Suitable around children, other animals and dogs.

  • Happy as an indoors or kennel dog

  • Good as a guard dog or a Protection dog

  • Off-lead obedience everywhere including very busy places

  • Not thought to read situations, he will wait for the command (Meaning, he doesn't just go on alert in public)

  • Trained in home invasion scenarios, surprise attacks outdoors, vehicle protection, hold and bark

  • Can be handled by children.

Feel free to contact us to discuss Dutchie, or any other available dogs on 01279 927 021


Breed - Dutch Shepherd

Sex - Male

Coat Colour - Brown

Coat Length - Short 

Imported - No

Passported - No

KC / FCI Registered - No

Entire / Neutered - Entire

Role - Family Protection

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